Beware of Uncovering a Crypto Scam Website

The world of cryptocurrency has undoubtedly opened up new avenues for investment and financial growth. However, with the rise in popularity of digital currencies, the risk of falling victim to fraudulent schemes has also increased. Among the numerous platforms claiming to offer profitable trading opportunities, has emerged as a concerning entity that warrants caution and scrutiny. presents itself as a platform for cryptocurrency trading, enticing users with promises of substantial profits. However, closer inspection reveals a web of deceit and fraudulent activities that should raise red flags for any potential investor.

One of the alarming aspects of is its reliance on WhatsApp groups for disseminating trading calls. Analysts supposedly provide trading recommendations through these groups, luring individuals with promises of high returns. However, these calls often turn out to be misleading or downright fraudulent, leading unsuspecting investors to financial losses.

Moreover, the platform flaunts supposed ‘proof of profit’ to attract users. Yet, upon closer examination, these proofs often lack authenticity or credibility. The claims of profit are not backed by verifiable evidence or transparent records, raising suspicions about the legitimacy of’s operations.

A critical observation lies in the website itself, which is riddled with dubious indicators. The charts displayed on the platform exhibit high volatility with irregular candles and exaggerated wicks, differing significantly from established and reliable charting platforms like TradingView. This inconsistency in charting raises serious doubts about the integrity of the trading data provided on

Another alarming issue is the absence of a valid SSL certificate on the website. An SSL certificate is crucial for encrypting data and ensuring a secure connection between the user’s browser and the site. The lack of this basic security measure suggests negligence or a deliberate attempt to compromise user data, amplifying the risks associated with using

Furthermore, the website’s association with fraudulent practices extends to its origins. While the domain portrays a global facade, the reality is starkly different. The main domain,, is purportedly linked to China, while the platform’s user base primarily comprises individuals from India. This incongruence raises questions about the platform’s true intentions and the mismatch between its purported location and user demographics.

It’s important for potential investors to exercise caution and due diligence when encountering platforms like The combination of misleading trading calls, unverified profit claims, unreliable charting data, and a lack of basic security measures signals a clear warning against engaging with this platform.

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4 Replies to “Beware of Uncovering a Crypto Scam Website”

  1. The latest trick used by these scammers is misusing the news of 30% of income tax applicable in India, on the profits made from crypto trading.

    Let me narrate the latest modus operandi for the benefit of general public:

    Victim gets added to random whatsapp group(s). Asks the victim to install the app BTCoin through a link(which is not available on playstore). The realtime values of the crypto currencies in this app, matches with the actual values in exchanges like Binance. Hence more people fall prey to this.
    If you tell “assistant” that you are making losses from the investment advice shared by “analyst”, “assistant’’ will shared the contact of an “agent”.
    This “agent” will convince to get into a 3 day hedging plan, where he will invest amount on behalf of you. He will inform minimum amount to be invested is 5000USD, and without taking any amount from victim, he says he has placed order of 5000/10000 USDT and makes the victim beleive that he has made profit of 5000/10000 USDT.
    Now, he forces the victim to pay a commission of 20%, so that he can withdraw the profit made. Since it is a 3 day hedging plan, victim needs to pay the 20% commision for the total profit made from all 3 days!
    If victim denies to proceed with all 3 days of trading or informs him that he would pay tax only after withdrawal of amount, he threatens with legal action. The victim fears as he has submitted government issued IDs while registering an account with BTCoin app.
    The agent will now tell victim that, he can withdraw the amount only after the agent confirms to company that his commission has to be paid.
    If the victim now tries to withdraw the “profit” amount from his wallet, the amount will get freezed. The victim will be asked to pay 2000USD to unfreeze his amount.
    Once amount is paid, the profit amount will be unfrozen, the total amount will reflect on his account, which makes victim beleive that everything is going right!
    Now the assistant will inform to withdraw the amount from the account, after paying 30% personal income tax to the company. So, that they can issue a tax bill using which you can prove to the income tax department that the profit earned is legitimate!
    These scammers will not agree to send any information officially via email. They dont even share your transaction details, profit earned, the tax amount to be paid through email.
    If you enquire them about their company details, they tell they belong to a16z investment company (which is a reputed one) and share that website address.
    I think more victims will fall trap into these scams, as they are actually able to withdraw some small amount to their bank account initially.
    Request you all to be BEWARE of all these scamsters.

    If the scammer is reading this, your karma of fooling innocent people will catch you soon!

  2. Guys, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS TRAP. I was added to a group too. It was too good to be true! But I decided to be an observer first. I was following the group since a few days and noticed there were quite a few red flags:

    The language used seemed like some very complex AI trying to make replicate human interaction. It didn’t seem natural. I asked them for clarification- the same 2–3 people respond.
    They were constantly praising the analyst and their demeanour made them look like bootlickers.
    i tried to play along with the “Assistant” and she seemed very robotic. No responses to basic questions.
    My curiosity and doubts increased! I tried to call the other participants on the group- no response. Ithen thought of checking their numbers on Truecaller. TOTALLY DIFFERENT NAMES
    When I checked reviews, my doubt was confirmed. Finally, I began bashing them verbally trying to see if there was a single human there, I was kicked out 😂😂
    Atleast they should’ve let me post my final message before booting me “Better luck next time”
    By God’s grace, I was saved. I have posted some screenshots of our conversation- I hope this helps.

    Whoever reads this; the information is too good to be true and it’s quite natural to fall for their mind-games; if and when you succumb to the fear of missing out, they WIN

  3. It is a fraud and I myself is a pray of this.. The modus operandi is same as explained about with variation of number of days etc. Upfront commission to the agent (Senior Analyst) of 20% on the profit earned and then 30% of the tax by Indian Govt that also you cannot pay from the profit earned but from your account as additional outflow.

    In the whatsapp group they have same set of people and each one of them if you call seems North Indian ascent and hard to believe to have the kind of sentences you get in whatsapp or on gmail account.

    Is there a way to file any complain against them, they seems Jamtara kind of gang

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