Mine and Earn: Free Crypto

The digital currency you can mine on your phone

  • free mining using your phone
  • no resources or battery consumption
  • Centralized Exchanges (CEX) with decentralized trading
  • available on both Android and iOS
  • All you need is an invitation from an existing trusted member of the network. If you have an invitation you can download the mobile app below.

Buffalo Network is a crypto network that allows users to earn tokens like BUFF, BUFFS, and BUFFALOBNB. The network is similar to the Shiba ecosystem.
Buffalo Swap is a token and cryptocurrency that is deployed on the BSC network. It is a sustainable yield optimizer with a transfer tax of 1.99%. The native token of Buffalo Swap is HORN.
This is not professional financial advice. Consulting a financial advisor about your particular circumstances is best.

Lowest transaction fees across the network

Buff Network has set the lowest transaction fees (0.06%~0.08%).

BUFF NETWORK provides convenient, safe and transparent transactions

No registration required, one-click wallet connection, on-chain transactions, users provide liquidity.

Fast opening and closing, experience wonderful contract transactions

Buff Network combines the convenience of Centralized Exchanges (CEX) with decentralized trading. Users can enjoy rapid and efficient opening and closing operations on Buff Network exchange, making the trading process smoother and more convenient.

Securing assets, trade with peace of mind

BUFF NETWORK employs a unique treasury mechanism to deal with potential issues users might face in extreme situations. This treasury aims to provide users with additional protection and compensation.

Long-term Buffalo price prediction

Based on the historical price movements of Buffalo and the BTC halving cycles, the yearly low Buffalo price prediction for 2025 is estimated at $ 0.00001915. Meanwhile, the price of Buffalo is predicted to reach as high as $ 0.00005080 next year. Using the same basis, here is the Buffalo price prediction for each year up until 2030.

YearYearly LowYearly High
2025$ 0.00001915$ 0.00005080
2026$ 0.00004298$ 0.000174
2027$ 0.00004782$ 0.00007932
2028$ 0.00005019$ 0.000125
2029$ 0.000109$ 0.000123
2030$ 0.000118$ 0.000222

Buffalo price prediction 2025

The Buffalo price prediction for 2025 is currently between $ 0.00001915 on the lower end and $ 0.00005080 on the high end. Compared to today’s price, Buffalo could gain 130.99% by 2025 if BUFFALO reaches the upper price target.

Buffalo price prediction 2030

The Buffalo price prediction for 2030 is currently between $ 0.000118 on the lower end and $ 0.000222 on the high end. Compared to today’s price, Buffalo could gain 907.43% by 2030 if it reaches the upper price target.

According to CoinCheckup, the price of Buffalo (BUFFALO) is $0.00002122. According to CoinCodex, the price is $0.00001907.
According to Crypto.com, 1 BUFF is equal to $0.004489.

To join, users must download the Buffalo app, sign up, enter invitation code and tap the mine button to commence mining. Users are incentivized with 50000 Buff coins upon sign-up.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, Buffalo, not yet listed on exchanges, focuses solely on coin generation through mining, as transaction verification is absent.


The worthiness of Buffalo Network depends on individual goals and expectations. Offering a distinctive opportunity for mobile-based cryptocurrency mining, its approach sets it apart. With its mining rate currently regulated at 50000 Buff/day, scarcity is introduced to enhance its potential success. Those interested in mobile-based cryptocurrency mining may find Ice Network to be a viable option, although the overall outcome remains uncertain.

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